Supporting Policy Development Keynote and Workshop

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September 12, 2018

Supporting Policy Development – How to Land Policy Decisions in Water & The Environment

Workshop on Thursday 20 September 2018 at the World Water Congress at the Big Site Tokyo Japan. Chaired by Trevor Bishop from Ofwat and Rob Fuller from WaterAid International

Keynote speakers: Dr Peter Coombes from Urban Water Cycle Solutions on Translating Science to Policy, and MK Madhavan from WaterAid India on Translating Strategy to Policy

Good, evidenced-based policy is a culmination of a long value chain which includes good science through to the practical experience of those at the heart of delivering water, wastewater and environmental services. Translating science and practical experience into policy can, however, be frustrating and problematic. This session will provide a unique opportunity for those involved in all aspects of water science and delivery to learn and share how to influence and support future policy development.


  • Support members in translating science and strategy into policy
  • Showcase policy development experiences and learning
  • Exchange and share knowledge on policy influencing

The rationale for this session is to highlight how policy development works and how to influence policy development, policy decisions and policy outcomes with respect to both science and strategy related to water and the environment. The main rational is to share experience and learning across participants but with this being led by two high profile speakers who have extensive experience in this area.


  1. Share best practice for policy influencing and development.
  2. Provide an opportunity for connection across the IWA membership and test the proposition for a new community of practice
  3. Provide support for both specialist groups and activities related to delivery of SDG’s


  • 10 min introduction setting out the objectives and how this aims to support members
  • 15 min Peter Coombes, science to strategy/policy
    • 20 min 3 – 4 tables with themes – interactive session
  • 15 min MK Madhaven, strategy to policy
    • 20 mins 3 – 4 tables with themes – interactive session
  • 10 min IWA round up and summary

Dr Peter Coombes

Dr Coombes has spent more than 30 years dedicated to the development of systems understanding of the urban, rural and natural water cycles with a view to finding optimum solutions for the sustainable use of ecosystem services, provision of infrastructure and urban planning.

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