Systems Framework for Big Data

The Systems Framework was developed over the last 20 years of applied research and practical application to provide insight into policies and strategies for water cycle management, urban planning, environmental protection, energy uses and economics. This methodology has provided water cycle systems performance, strategic and policy advice for national, state and local governments. The approach has also been used to design over 120 sustainable projects including city scale developments.

The Framework utilises Big Data inputs and is built up from Local Scale behaviours to include Transition and Regional Scale layers. A schematic of the Systems Framework is shown below. It is series of applications for continuous simulation that interact with each other to span all relevant spatial and temporal scales including household to city to national scales at timelines of one second to 50 years. The Framework includes a multiple replication framework of climate sequences and linked behavioural responses.

This webpage provides an overview of the Systems Framework and supporting resources including fact sheets, research projects and publications, case studies, software downloads, workshops and latest news on progress. These elements of the Systems Framework portfolio are provided via the listed topics on this page.


Big Data

The Systems Framework links and processes information across time and space, and includes Big Data Analysis processes…
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Local Scale

Local Scale processes underpin the Systems Framework to capture the distributed local behaviours of people, buildings and land uses that drive the performance of entire system…
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Transition Scale

The Transition Framework combines the distributed behaviours and performance from the local scale into selected zones of spatial and temporal performance…
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Network and Catchment Scale

Water, wastewater and stormwater networks, waterways and catchments. Spatial and temporal information from local scale analysis is combined at transition scale as inputs to combined networks…
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Regional Scale

Including dynamic links to surrounding regions …
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Coming Soon

Outputs from our applied research available soon
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Current research projects and analysis
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Resources including software, data and fact sheets
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Proposed workshops
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Relevant Publications

Selected publications that support the Systems Framework
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