Development of Multisite Rainfall and Urban Water Demands

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September 5, 2014

SydneyDemandA novel approach for concurrently simulating daily catchment rainfall, streamflow and urban demand for water supply headworks modelling of the Central Coast Region of New South Wales is presented. This approach satisfactorily reproduces observed daily, monthly, annual rainfall statistics at the multiple sites.

This demonstrates it is able to capture the inter-annual persistence and spatial variability that exists within the Central Coast water supply catchments. Rainfall series generated by the multi-site method are used in a non-parametric regional water demand model that incorporates water balances in households to estimate daily water demand in the Central Coast region of New South Wales. No metering data was available for this study other than daily water demand at the water treatment plants. Nonetheless the regional demand method was able to adequately estimate regional water demand including the day to day variation and strong seasonal trends of water demand in the Central Coast region.

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Dr Peter Coombes

Dr Coombes has spent more than 30 years dedicated to the development of systems understanding of the urban, rural and natural water cycles with a view to finding optimum solutions for the sustainable use of ecosystem services, provision of infrastructure and urban planning.

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